Why you should choose Infosite?

Our exclusive agreements with most major insurance companies in the world and here in Cambodia give you with the very best of the market’s solutions; we provide tailored coverage to fit exactly your needs and make sure your policy really protects you effectively.After operating more than 15 years in Insurance industry , we have a very thorough and extensive knowledge of all the risks incurred in living, working, traveling or investing in Insurance . As we provide sound professional advice to cover your risks accurately and source from the market the best solution at the best possible rate. Liaising with a broker ensures you have the right cover at the right price and a real time support when you have claims. Should anything happen to you, you will simply make a local call 24/7 and you will find precious support to handle your situation.



The sudden and untimely demise of a family member is something that we don’t typically want to think about. But we should. You should think about this deeply if you’re a senior member of your family, more so if you’re the breadwinner.



A term insurance plan is an insurance policy that will financially secure your loved ones in case of the unforeseen event of your demise. It is always advisable to get such a plan so that you know your family will be covered no matter what happens to you. Before you get yourself insured, here are a few things you ought to know



Retirement can be scary. You are no longer able to do the things that you used to and it is that moment in life where you are the most vulnerable to health and financial threats.



The Insurance can be spread out over a period of time. If the insured dies during said time period, the beneficiaries can claim the payout. On the other hand, if no claim is made, there will be no payout.

The history

Here at infosite, we know that learning about life insurance isn't a fun thing to do and it actually makes you feel pretty morbid. However, if you're in the market for a life insurance policy, or even if you already have one, it's a good idea to know everything you can about the rules and regulations. With that being said, read on below for some of them explained.

If you don't know what a grace period is on your life insurance, then it's important that you do. A grace period works in your favor by ensuring that you have a grace period should your payments lapse. The grace period is for 30 days, and during this time if you were to meet your end the insurance company would still have to pay out the policy. Also, if a payment is made during that 30-day grace period, the insurance company has to reinstate the policy and keep it in good standing as well.

It's important to realize that the free look period is not something that is mandated by the state of Kolkata, but most insurance companies still have that free look period in place for potential customers. What is the free look period? A free look period is the period where a customer can return the life insurance policy and get a full refund for any reason. Every insurance company that allows the free look period has a different time frame, however, so make sure to ask your insurance company what their time frame is ahead of time.